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The physiotherapist for athletes


If you love sports and you are injured, you want to do everything to get back to sports and achieve your goals.


A sports physiotherapist is the specialist in sports care who should play an important role in the supervision and sports rehabilitation of (top) athletes. Cooperation and coordination with the sports doctor, sports masseur, orthopedist, strength trainer, coach and possibly parents can be of great importance when supervising the athlete.


In sports rehabilitation, sometimes seemingly unattainable goals are asked. Rehabilitation is therefore always tailor-made and sometimes has to be carried out under high time pressure. This requires a specific mindset in which flexibility, perseverance and craftsmanship are decisive. The most important cooperation during the recovery process is of course between the athlete and the sports physiotherapist. Within this, the sports physiotherapist pays extensive attention to the five basic motor properties, namely strength, speed, endurance, coordination and flexibility.


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