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Physiotherapy is (almost) not included in the basic package of the health insurer (s). If you want to be eligible for reimbursement of the physiotherapy treatments by your health insurer, additional insurance is required. The number of reimbursed physiotherapy treatments differs depending on the additional insurance. Ask your health insurer in advance for the maximum number of physiotherapy / manual therapy treatments that you will be reimbursed for.

For insured care, you will receive an email after the end of the treatment period to assess the quality of care experienced! This makes the treatment quality more transparent.

If you are not insured for physiotherapy / manual therapy or if the reimbursement of the health insurance stops, the following rates apply.

If you are not insured, you can pay directly in cash or pay with PIN, credit card or payment request.



Session physiotherapy (25 minutes)€ 38,-
Session manual therapy (25 minuten)€ 45,-
Session physiotherapy at home€ 50,-
Session manual therapy at home (first time)€ 60,-
Session manual therapy at home€ 54,-
Intake and research directly accessible€ 45,-
Intake and research after referral (25 min)€ 45,-
Intake and research after referral at home€ 60,-
Long session physiotherapy (55 minuten)€ 75,-
Video consultation€ 34,-
Missed appointments100%
One-off physiotherapeutic research€ 55,-
Ultrasound research€ 55,-

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