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Making an appointment with Fysio Quality is possible by referral and direct access (without referral). Take your insurance card, identification and a towel with you on the first visit. Don’t forget to bring the referral if you converted. The reference may contain important information.



Step 1 : contact us via WhatsApp, email of Phone for an appointment.

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Step 2 : If you are coming to Fysio Quality for the first time, click on Register at the bottom of this page.


Indicate your preferred time

Fysio Quality does not currently have a waiting list. If you prefer an appointment in the evening or on the weekend, you can indicate this when making the appointment. If it is not possible to come to the practice, the treatment (in consultation) can also be given at home (in which case a referral is required!).


Do you like  a fee indication  in advance?

If there are special rehabilitation goals (eg maximum fitness to enable participation in a certain tournament or competition) and / or requirements (eg with regard to rehabilitation abroad), it is possible to request a quote.


Immediate treatment

After an inventory of the complaints and the physical examination, the result will be discussed with you immediately. A treatment plan is tailor-made with you. Usually, treatment can be started immediately.


Ultrasound examination

If you are interested in an ultrasound examination, it is important to first speak to each other by telephone, as it will then be possible to assess whether this examination is a useful addition.

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