Insured care


The reimbursement by your health insurer of a treatment depends on the way you are insured. Fysio Quality has a contract with all health insurers in 2020, except with ONVZ. This means that if you have (additional) insurance with cover for physiotherapy or manual therapy, the treatment will be reimbursed. In this case, the treatment is declared directly to the insurance. Physiotherapy treatment is not at your own risk if you do not have a chronic condition that is on the ‘chronic list’.

If you are not sure how many treatments you will be reimbursed, you can check this here.

Manual therapy is reimbursed a maximum of 9 times a year. You will receive a bill if it appears that your insurance does not provide cover. This does not apply to CZ insured persons. CZ settles the treatment with you.


Your data


If you use insured care, this means that the processes and personal and medical data must be kept strictly. Partly to prevent errors, these data and processes are handled in your presence. This can affect the treatment time. By giving your BSN number in advance during the appointment, this can save time at the first appointment!

To make the care more transparent, you will be asked for your opinion after the treatment has ended. You can use this to indicate to the health insurer whether you were satisfied with the care provided.

In many cases, your health insurer will reimburse physiotherapy with additional insurance.

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