Mission & Vision



As a physiotherapist you can make an important contribution to resolving complaints when moving. But … the patient himself can also make an important contribution to his own recovery. He can do this by working on good posture and exercising regularly. Preventing complaints is also very important. Exercises can have a preventive effect.

Craftsmanship is the basis of the treatment by the physiotherapist. Up-to-date professional knowledge is a necessary requirement for the physiotherapist to provide good care. In addition, good cooperation is required with other care providers such as general practitioners, other paramedics, specialists and clinics. Good, open communication is important, to the patient himself in diagnosis and treatment. And to other healthcare providers in the healthcare chain to make the treatment successful. The patient’s interests are paramount.



Fysio Quality aims to effectively treat patients with movement complaints with a mix of treatment methods. The aim is a quick recovery at the optimal accessible level. By providing insight into diagnosis and treatment and information about prevention, the quality of service is distinctive.

Working from a clear vision increases the chance of success.

Do you want to return to your old level? Or better?!