Fascia therapy

Fascia therapy, restoration of fascial mobility


Muscles are enveloped in fascia. These fascia are connective orphaned membranes. The fascia connects the muscles, bones and organs. Fascia contain many nerve endings, and if they are in a bad condition, they can cause pain. Adhesions in the fascia can limit motility and can be treated with fascia therapy.


A gentle, in-depth treatment technique


Fascia therapy is a gentle treatment method, originating from osteopathy, which aims to influence tension in the fascial system. It is a relatively unknown treatment method. Disturbances in the fascial system can be repaired with the help of specific manual techniques and targeted exercises. This should result in regained freedom of movement, a decrease in complaints, an improved posture, more efficient movement patterns and an increase in load capacity. The treatment is usually experienced as profound and pleasant.

Special research method


The Fascia Integration Therapy (F.I.T.) can be applied after an examination method in which the whole body is examined from head to toe. We look at the relationship of your complaint with any other (unnoticed) problems. After the investigation, an inventory of the problems takes place and a treatment strategy is outlined. After each treatment, a test takes place to see what the progress of the treatment is.


There are several ways to influence the fascia. In addition to the hands, instruments can also be used to free the fascia. We call this IASTM. The pain and mobility can improve quickly in this way.


Flywheel training


Isoinertial training or flywheel training was first developed for strength training in space. In contrast to normal strength training, this form of strength training provides an optimal stimulus for hypertrophy because there is more activation of muscle fibers during the eccentric phase of a movement. In addition, this form of training has a positive effect on fascia and tendons.


Fascia therapy in Amstelveen


From now on, fascia therapy and flywheel training are available at Fysio Quality in Amstelveen and can be part of the treatment. The treatment is covered by the supplementary health insurance for physiotherapy.

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