Team Fysio Quality

The Fysio Quality team consists of Diederick van Groenewoud and Jake Robinson.

Fysio Quality’s practice is located in the heart of Amstelveen. As a practice for movement care and ultrasound examination, Fysio Quality focuses on first-line specialized care for sports-related complaints, arthrosis complaints (affiliated with the osteoarthritis network) and neck and shoulder complaints. Because of this focus, Fysio Quality offers “excellence of care”. “Feel quality” is the motto of Fysio Quality.

Fysio Quality - duizeligheid

Diederick van Groenewoud

BIG 99055006604



Graduated in 2001


Graduated in 2003

Sports Physiotherapist

Graduated in 2005

Manual therapist

Graduated in 2007

Master Manual Therapy

Graduated in 2009


cutting room eduacation UMC Utrecht

Fascia therapist

Graduated in 2017

Lifestyle coach

Graduated in 2019

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