Neck and shoulder complaints

Targeted treatment provides an incentive for recovery

Neck and shoulder complaints often have a major impact on daily functioning. In addition to pain, there may also be tingling that extends throughout the arm, even into the hand. In addition, the complaints can affect movement in the form of a movement restriction or in the restriction of a movement activity. Finally, the complaints often affect the quality and quantity of sleep.


There is an interaction between neck and shoulder complaints. The shoulder is an important link in the entire shoulder girdle. It is therefore important to assess the entire chain of the neck and shoulder girdle. By paying attention to the entire chain, recovery is possible.


Neck and shoulder complaints often have a bad course, that is to say that it takes a long time before the complaints resolve themselves. Targeted treatment makes the difference and can prevent recurrence of complaints. In this way, the chance of a chronic complaint will decrease.


The place where the pain is experienced is rarely the place where the pain comes from. We call this referred pain. Ultrasound can have great added value in the search for the cause. For example, with calcification of the tendons of the shoulder. Treatment requires specific knowledge of anatomy and pathology for it to be effective.


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