Ultrasound of the musculoskeletal system


Ultrasound can be used as additional diagnostics at Fysio Quality. The expertise of the ultrasound examination is on the postural and musculoskeletal system. Visible are the muscles, tendons, bands, haircuts, bursa, bones and joints. Ultrasound is a high-quality and dynamic form of diagnostics. Recordings can be made by means of sound waves, allowing the tissue to be assessed. One of the advantages is that the patient does not have to lie or sit still during the examination. The sonographer can assess the tissue in various positions and during movement. A patient can immediately indicate where the pain is.


The following shoulder anomalies can be well identified by ultrasound:


  • rupture of the cuff
  • calcifications (calcification) of the tendons of the cuff
  • tenosynovitis of the biceps longum
  • dislocation of the biceps longum
  • bursitis (subdeltoid bursa)
  • synovitis en / or luxation of the acromio-clavicular or sterno-clavicular joints


The following abnormalities in the knee can easily be determined by ultrasound:


  • rupture of the medial or lateral collateral ligament
  • osgood schlatter
  • apexitis (jumpers knee)
  • ruptures of the patellar tendon
  • hoffitis
  • bakerse cyst
  • bursitides (bursitis inflammation prepatellar and /or infrapatellar)
  • calcification (calcifications) behind the menisci
  • paratenoitis semitendinosus tendon of semimembranosus tendon