Cooperation in healthcare

Cooperation is in the interest of the patient


To further utilize its own strengths, Fysio Quality works as a specialized practice for exercise care together with other (para) doctors in Amstelveen and surroundings. Depending on the required expertise, the right treatment team for your complaints will be sought together.


Lo-A-Njoe Reflextherapie

VoetreflexPlus therapy is a naturopathic therapy. It is a massage therapy that assumes that the entire body is represented in the feet. Daniëlle Lo-A-Njoe: “Because body and mind form a unity, I can positively influence both the mental and physical health of you by massaging the feet. I start from the idea of the reflex zones. This in contrast to Other massage techniques that focus on massaging the part of the body that you are working on. Massages from the knee ensure that the lower leg can be easily exposed without squeezing. You also get a relaxing foot bath. ”

At TuiNa (Chinese body massage), pressure is exerted on the meridians (energy pathways) and on specific points (acupuncture points) on these pathways. These meridians can become blocked due to emotional or physical problems. Daniëlle Lo-A-Njoe: “To clear these blockages, I massage those specific points (acupuncture points) that lie on the meridians. This will allow the Qi (life energy) and blood circulation to flow freely again.”

Daniëlle Lo-A-Njoe

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