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The patient perspective provides a different view of quality of care. ZorgkaartNederland is a reliable source because it is managed by the Netherlands Patient Federation, an objective outsider with an editorial and control process. The data of ZorgkaartNederland are also analyzed by the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ). In addition to the IGZ, health insurers have also taken customer experiences into account when purchasing healthcare for some time.

The reviews below have been taken over from ZorgkaartNederland.

I had never heard of dry needling, I was referred by my doctor, after 1 treatment I noticed that my muscles in my neck were relaxing, normally I had to do 5 treatments at a normal physio to get this done. I am very satisfied with physio Quality!


After two treatments “Dry Needling” I noticed a huge difference. After two treatments I therefore no longer have to make an appointment. Very competent!


He is very good at treating back / neck problems and especially with the vertebrae / ribs in my experience. Also a lot of understanding of the body in general (in my case also shoulder complaints).


Skilled, listening and highly skilled employees, even with a replacement therapist working for this care provider, remains the standard of a high level.


Suffers from back / hip for years, after pregnancy. Sometimes a period of severe pain that restricts movement. MRI orthopedics showed that there was fluid in the pelvis, but that this is not something that can be operated on. Fortunately, treatment physio helped me. Dry needling definitely gave relief. I have also benefited from exercises. My complaint was listened to carefully and appropriate treatment was agreed upon.


Listens carefully to the complaints. Asks correct questions. gives you insight into the problems and possible solutions. Also to solutions that you will not think of quickly. If necessary, uses scanning equipment to get a clearer picture of the problems. Ensures that you perform exercises correctly and checks and corrects this. Encourages you to do the exercises well.


Gives a holistic treatment and not just treated the symptoms. The dry needle method he applies works very well for me.


Good treatment for my back problems. Good explanation.


Very skilled. The dedicated attention, good explanation about his treatment plan makes you feel that you are treated as a person and not as a “case”. You will not be treated longer than necessary. Complaints have disappeared after 5 treatments.

Na een vervelende periode van rugklachten ben ik op advies van de huisarts verwezen naar Fysio Quality waar ik een aantal maanden uitstekend begeleid ben. Het verminderen van de pijn én het werken naar verbetering toe heb ik als prettig ervaren. De betrokkenheid naast de wekelijkse behandeling van Fysio Quality is ontzettend fijn! Ik voelde mij serieus genomen bij Fysio Quality en kijk met een positief gevoel terug op de begeleiding.