You feel quality!

The quality of Fysio Quality


Quality is the spearhead of Fysio Quality. Because we believe that you should be able to perceive quality like no other, our motto is: ‘You feel quality’. The quality offered must lead to health improvements and improvements in the quality of life.


Quality ingredients


Knowledge, experience and customer focus determine the quality of the treatment. Fysio Quality stands for:


  • an accurate diagnosis, possibly via ultrasound
  • clear explanation of diagnosis and proposed treatment and its duration
  • consultation with your GP or specialist if necessary or desirable
  • the fastest possible solution for your complaints (together choose the most suitable solution)
  • attention to prevention
  • innovation (such as e-health and new training forms)
  • clear directions for exercises at home


In the Netherlands there is a free choice for healthcare provider, this means that a person decides where or by whom he or she will be treated. Given the amount of healthcare institutions and care providers, the choice is overwhelming. This makes making a well-founded choice complicated and virtually impossible! In order to make the choice somewhat easier, zorgkaartnederland has been created.


ZorgkaartNederland is a reference platform from the Patient Federation of the Netherlands. Consumer experiences in healthcare per healthcare discipline, per healthcare institution, per healthcare provider and per health problem are presented here in a clear overview. This initiative increases transparency. This will hopefully give a patient a better impression of a healthcare provider so that he can be helped to make a good decision when choosing a healthcare provider.

In the past 8 years, Fysio Quality has scored very well on Zorgkaartnederland.




Patient Related Outcome Measures, abbreviated as PROMS, are used to objectify the results of the treatments. These indicators focus on the effectiveness of the outcome of care from the patient’s perspective. This is a relatively new development within healthcare




If you grant permission, the perceived quality of care after a treatment period is measured using the PREM (Patient Reported Experience Measure).




Fysio Quality physiotherapists are BIG registered. The BIG registration provides clarity about the authority of a healthcare provider. Healthcare providers must re-register every five years. In addition, the physiotherapists of Fysio Quality are listed in the Central Quality Register of the KNGF. The Central Quality Register (CKR) Physiotherapy includes physiotherapists who meet the quality requirements set by the KNGF. The requirements for (re) registration have been established by the Policy Board Central Quality Register (BOCK). One of the requirements is to obtain credits. We are in the register of manual therapy, sports physiotherapy and physiotherapy. In addition, Fysio Quality is registered in the Dry Needling register. Testing takes place every two years.


Connected to the Hogeschool van Amsterdam


Talented physiotherapists in training are doing an internship at Fysio Quality to develop their craftsmanship. Fysio Quality works with flexible, motivated and sporty students of Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Do you want to return to your old level? Or better?!