Excellent care


Because of the focus on providing solutions for people with neck and shoulder complaints, osteoarthritis, sports-related complaints and dizziness complaints, Fysio Quality can offer excellent care. The focus provides more knowledge and skills.


Aggregation of effective treatment methods


The craftsmanship of Fysio Quality consists of the application of the most effective forms of treatment from manual therapy, fascia therapy, dry needling and physical training. Knowledge and experience from (top) sports physiotherapy and science ensure that the treatment can be given ‘tailor-made’. Fysio Quality is constantly looking for new and old (forgotten) forms of treatment to integrate into the method.

The strength and added value of Fysio Quality lies in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal complaints and disorders. Known to most people as the domain of orthopedics.


The neuromusculoskeletal system


A disturbance of the neuromusculoskeletal system can manifest itself in:


  • altered blood flow, sliding, inflammation of a nerve or nerve root (tingling, numbness, pain in the course of the nerve or decrease in strength)
  • cramping, straining, tearing, inflammation, scarring, weakness, or abnormal muscle tension patterns
  • inflammation, rupture, calcification or aging (degeneration) of tendons, tendon sheaths or tendon plates
  • joint limitations due to trauma, arthrosis (degeneration) certain postures, abnormal movement patterns, lack of movement, one-sided movement.


Experiences from top sport


Fysio Quality is ‘the place to be’ for athletes in Amstelveen and surroundings. Thanks to more than fifteen years of practical experience and (top) sports medical guidance of both sports teams and individual athletes at sports clubs and national sports federations, Fysio Quality is an excellent choice in guiding and treating a sports injury.


Ultrasound diagnostics


If necessary, ultrasound expertise can objectify the complaint. Ultrasound can be used to determine whether there are abnormalities in the tissue. The ultrasound is only used for the musculoskeletal system (Musculo Skeletal Ultrasound). The ultrasound is additional high-quality diagnostics and will usually be used in combination with physical examination and performance tests. For example, the addition of ultrasound can better support the reference to the second line (such as an orthopedist).


The importance of targeted movement


People with pain complaints have often lost sight of the importance of moving. This can mean that people move ‘with the safety catch on it’. This affects the ‘motor program‘ in the brain. A disturbance in the motor program reduces the quality of the movement. This can be visible as jerky movement or an abnormal alignment. The process usually takes place unconsciously. In the acute phase after, for example, trauma, this may be intended to protect the painful area. The quality of exercise should improve over time. With persistent complaints, the motor program is often disrupted. Movement anxiety can cause the ‘motor program’ to be disrupted. This can hinder recovery. By moving specifically and using the right mindset, it is possible to adjust the motor program. This makes the body move efficiently again.

Do you want to return to your old level? Or better?!