Michelle Groenewegen

Shoulder, hip, knee and ankle complaints as a specialty


With her past handball, Michelle has a high affinity with top sport. She currently practices water polo, running and fitness. Her athletic background is in line with her interest and skills in top sports coaching, one of the spearheads of Fysio Quality. She can tap according to the Medical Taping Concept, often used for shoulder and knee complaints. She can also guide athletes with the flywheel training, a heavy strength training method that provides fast strength improvement. She also focuses on the treatment of patients with dizziness, also a specialty of Fysio Quality.


Top sport coaching


With her top sports background as a handball player, Michelle has a lot of affinity with sports-related complaints. Because of her top sports mentality, Michelle knows how to guide people optimally, so that they can function as quickly as possible at the desired level.

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