Terms and Conditions



  • Fysio Quality is not responsible and liable for loss, damage or theft of your property in the property.
  • It is forbidden to smoke in the building.
  • In the event of an emergency, you must follow the instructions of the personnel or the competent authority (fire brigade, police).




  • A treatment has no fixed duration, but can vary from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. In general, a treatment takes about 25 minutes.
  • If there are objections to the actions or transactions, the client must immediately indicate this.
  • Discussed topics with the client remain confidential and will not be discussed with third parties unless you give permission.
  • The Personal Data Protection Act applies to your medical and administrative data. This means that your physiotherapist may not pass on data from your treatment file to third parties without your permission.
  • When the treatments are concluded, Fysio Quality measures patient satisfaction via an internet application. For this we ask for your email address.
  • In order to guarantee the continuity of the treatment process, a permanent replacement will replace you during your absence during holidays, top sport coaching, courses or absenteeism.




  • If an appointment cannot be made for any reason, this must be reported at least 24 hours before the agreed treatment. If this does not happen, the costs will be charged. In unforeseen circumstances, this rule can be deviated from in consultation with your treating therapist.